Furthermore, you are required to meet one of requirements below;

1. Made in France

2. Designed by French Designer

3. Brands or Character from France

4. Imported from France

Exhibiting Category  <Brands expected to exhibit100>

【1st week】

  • テーブルウェア
  • 香り


Flower accessories, Kitchenware, Gardening Goods, Homefurnishings & Decor, etc



Stationery, Smartphone Accessory, Board Game, Card Game, etc

I celebrate the holding of the 85th Tokyo international gift show Spring 2018. In addition, the Spotlight series became the opening scene of a play from the last time and is glad in planning France with the second. I cannot help hoping sincerely that the show becomes a platform providing new business opportunity for European products. The next “Spotlight on France” will be fragrant with French esprit. I hope you will be looking forward to it.

Director Japan, Counsellor for Trade & Investment
Business France Japan Office French Embassy Mr. Pascal GONDRAND

KEY Buyers

■Importer / Exporter
Ex. ITOCHU Retail Link Corporation.: One of the biggest importing companies in Japan. This company is importing wide range of products.
■Department Stores
Ex. ISETAN MITSUKOSHI; They are the one of leading department stores in Japan and have 25 branch stores. Furthermore, they hold the special event “French Week” every April.
■Select Shops
Ex. BEAMS CO., Ltd.; They are the one of leading and long-established select stores. With over 150 branch stores in Japan, they are popular among all ages.

Special Business Support Program

1.Inviting many leading buyers

We are inviting many leading buyers as VIP. They have authority to decide company’s decisions

2.Providing Information for Target Buyers

We provide information about exhibitors for buyer via e-mail, web site, magazine and more.

3.Business Matching Service

We will bring key buyers, who are interested in your products, to your booth.

Enquiry for Exhibiting

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