◆ Required Docments
  • Application Form 【PDF/EXCEL】 Download
  • Catalogue / Literature of exhibits
  • Photos of your products
  • Photos of Booths if you have exhibited in other trade shows
  • A copy of the business card of your contact person

Please email enclosed above 5 files. E-mail

Please read "Terms and Conditions" before you apply


◆ Application Deadline
June 4, 2018
◆ Payment Deadline
June 15, 2018
◆ Announcement of Booth Location and Delivering Exhibitor's Manual and Order Forms
July 20, 2018
◆ Submission of Order Forms
Deadline Aug 6, 2018
◆ Payment of Additional Order

Once the Order Forms are accepted, you will receive the invoice.
You are required to confirm the payment by the date specified on the invoice.

  • Note 1: Without the required payment, the application will be rejected by the organizer.
  • Note 2: All payments must be settled in JPY by money transfer into the bank account indicated on the invoice.
◆ Sabmission of Booth Plan
Deadline June 8, 2018
※ Only for Gift Show LIFE×DESIGN