Sozai exhibition in Gift Show

Sozai exhibition in Gift Show

How do you manufacture with utilizing the strength of materials and technique?
Sozai exhibition will give solution.The exhibition will enable to find a new market, as it proposes and transmits materials and technique.

Recently, Japanese traditional industries are being paid attention. Producing areas find designers, and varieties of products are being distributed into the world.
But in Japan, we have a lot of materials. Although they are still buried, they are able to be distributed without manufacturing.
From now on living environment and renovation market is estimated to be vitalized, due to increasing number of second-hand apartments and vacant houses, in addition being paid attention on investment of accommodations and vacation rental, according to the increase in inbound tourists.
With these situations as a background, Japanese materials would not only have potential to expand markets as materials for product development, but also for themselves.
In this Tokyo International Gift Show, we aim to enable exhibitors to find new markets. In order to do it, "SOZAI" showcase is held in Gift Show LIFE × DESIGN. We propose and transmit "materials", which have various uses including building ones. Especially, we will focus on ones making use of Japanese traditional wisdom and the skills came out of experience.



Thread, Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Metal, Mud, Stone, Gold, Silver, Copper, Leather, Cloth


Dyeing, Weaving, Printing, Baking, Tapping, Sharpening, Painting,, Various processing

Interior material
Product material
Fashion material (commercialized)

You can find new market during making use of material and technique.It is possible that you have negotiation of commercialized product.

Event Outline

The 83rd Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2017 LIFE×DESIGN
Dates: Feb.1(wed)-3(fri),2017
Vene: Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 1-3)

"SOZAI" Showcase in Gift Show
Vene: Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 2) Scheduled

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