The 83rd Tokyo international Gift Show “Life X Design”
Lifestyle, design, new era To coordinate or renovate your residence as you change your clothes!
Business Guide-Sha  Inc. of Japan, the Organizer will take place not only “the 83rd Tokyo International Gift Show” which is one of the most biggest exhibitions dealing with daily goods in Japan but also “Life X Design” exhibition simultaneously.
Date: February 1(Wed), 2(Thu), 3(Fri) 2017  From 10:00AM to 6:00PM Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Organizer: Business Guide-Sha, Inc.


Recently Japan’s material production system and design is attracting interest from foreign people, due to the taking place of the coming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games and also increasing number of foreign sightseeing people to Japan.
Business Guide-Sha, Inc. the leading company not only pulling Japanese consumer’s market but also taking place “Gift Show” in Japan for more than 40 years, will propose a plentiful/rich lifestyle to Japanese people. Industries related to housing/residence of Japan are facing many tasks such as increasing number of vacant/unoccupied detached houses or vacant rented apartments. Furthermore, Japan’s traditional manufacturing system is now facing a crisis such as shortage of workers in the manufacturing industries or shortage of successor of the maker, and we /shall overcome/ /will solve/ these subjects/problems.
Suggestions to solve these subjects/problems will be proposed by the way of thinking by the Gift Show entitled “to coordinate or renovate your residence consistent to your lifestyle as you change your clothes.”

Through suggestions on life-style design to a yearning comfortable plentiful/rich lifestyle, and also through suggestions on up-grading of sense of values on residence and way of Japanese material production system, Business Guide-Sha, Inc. will help to create and develop your business market. We will welcome to your participation sincerely.

Nobuaki HAGA (Mr.),
President. Business Guide-Sha, Inc.


You can enjoy many noteworthy events taking place only
at the “LIFE × DESIGN.”

”Glamping (Glamorous Camping)” at Gift Show “LIFE × DESIGN.”

We will propose a so-called “Glamping” as a remarkable life-style from a viewpoint on

We will propose a so-called “Glamping” as a glamorous camping style which is attractive to outdoor materials, fashion, hotel and resort markets through unique collaboration and spatial effect of Gift Show “LIFE ×DESIGN.”


Experimental style cafeteria “RENOVETERIA.”

A number of experimental style cafeterias, such as an attached one to the planetarium or to animation projection facilities, are increasing in Japan.
herefore, we will provide you a chance to enjoy a cafeteria built by the latest architectural and drawing methods on the concept of Gift Show “LIFE × DESIGN.” Relaxing in a cafeteria “RENOVETERIA,” please enjoy habitat/living environment provided by Gift Show “LIFE × DESIGN.”


Special booth
“IoT × LIFE Session Powered by ASCII.”

We will propose to re-design your future life-style through IoT,
which will help to change your analog life-style

You should check an IoT product to featuring a “new life-style.”
This is the attractive event with full materials recommended by ASCII, the company fluent to the new trends of Japan.