The Fukuoka International Gift Show, emphasizing the distinctive characteristics of exhibit merchandise, is divided into the following zonings in the exhibition venue:
T. Variety Zakka
Fancy Goods & Kids Stuff / Wrapping / Stationery / Paper Goods / Hobbies & Crafts / Character Goods / Toys / Chirstmas / Sports / Pet goods / Entertainment Goods etc. - a merchandise category comprising items that you want to handle, ranging from little things to marvel over to soothing lifestyle accessories and trends T. Trend Zakka
S. Sales Promotion, Novelty Goods
Sales Promotion Goods / Novelty Goods / OEM・PB / Event Goods, etc. S. Sales Promotion, Novelty Goods
H. Home Furnishings & Garden Style
Interior Accessories / Living-space Furniture & Fabrics / Art / Incense / Lamps etc. - a varied merchandise category that adorns the living ambience, Natural & Artificial Flower / Indoor Gardening / Vase / Flower Arrangement / Dry Flower / Preserved Flower/ Aroma Goods / Incense / Fragrance / Relaxation Goods, etc. H. Home Furnishings & Garden Style
B. Store and Office Goods & Support
Print Agency Services / Direct-mail Agency Services / Office Supplies / Shop Window Fixtures / Point of Purchase Display / Dispolay Fittings & Materials / Hardware and Software for Sales Promotion Support / Digital Signage / Office Furnitures, etc. B. Store and Office Goods & Support
A. Apparel Fashion Goods & Jewelry

Apparel & Fashion Goods / Jewellery, etc. - a chic and fashionable merchandise category

Apparel Fashion Goods & Jewelry
G. Gift From The World
A diverse array of overseas giftware products from around the globe is on display, featuring in particular a collection of fine products from Asia. With the exotic mystique of a far-away place, a line-up of high quality goods conveys the unique tastes of their cultures. G. Gift From The World

Targeted Visitors
Buyers from domestic and overseas retail and wholesales businesses related to the personal gift market(retail, wholesale, specialized shops, department stores, SC, CVS, GMS, leisure-related, drugstores, art galleries, import/export trading companies, mail-order sales, door-to-door sales, printing, local and national government agencies, hotels, wedding halls, food retail/wholesale/restaurant-related, press, publishing, etc.)