The Dramatic Gateway to Asia

Fukuoka city, as a commercial city oriented towards Asia since medieval times, has developed the base of the Kyushu Region market (consists of seven prefectures) and become a major business center in the region.
In the background is the pleasant urban environment, a reputation as one of the Asian cities easiest to live in. And in addition to the Fukuoka Airport which offers easy access and economical flights to major cities in Asia, while Hakata Port excels in international marine transportation network, the city conducts lively business with the Asian countries and the rest of the world as an international gateway.

Asia, with its strong and promising perspectives, is attracting more attention from all over the world. Due to Fukuoka’s excellent transport infrastructures, the City’s function as a gateway to the Continent has been enhanced and diversified year after year. As the results, Fukuoka has earned a good reputation as an outstanding commercial city, linking Japan to Asia and the rest of the world. In this rapidly growing city of Fukuoka, we bring together a number of exhibitors from Japan and around the world, making the show the best launching pad for the giftware in Japan.

Fukuoka City covers an economic area with a combined population of over 15 million, which spans from Kyushu region to Yamaguchi Prefecture (west of Chugoku region in Honshu Island).
Furthermore the City GDP tops JPY 6 trillion 734 billion fueled by buoyant wholesale, retail and service industries that account for a half of its GDP. Bolstered by the booming consumer market-oriented business industries in Fukuoka, FIGS has captured high ratings as a trade fair offering new business opportunities in Fukuoka, and a distribution hub in between different types of business. The FIGS offers everyone a single platform with many unique opportunities for your business expansion in the region. There is no better opportunity than FIGS, which you just cannot afford to miss.