(1) It must be understood that the Organizer determines each booth location with absolute discretion. Once the location and number are assigned to exhibitor, no request for change will be accommodated for whatever the reason.In no circumstances whatsoever can an allotted booth be re-assinged , let or lent out to a third party.
(2) Application for exhibit becomes valid only when the entire booth fee and other necessary fee are paid by an applicant. If the exhibition space has already been contracted in full at the time when the application is received, or if the merchandise to be exhibited is judged not to be in conformity with the subject, nature and rules of the Show by the Management, acceptance of the application may be declined.
In such a case, payment such as fees, etc. already received by the Management shall be refunded in full.
(3) Nippon Express Co.,Ltd./ Fukuoka Air Service Branch(hereafter Nippon Express) is the official FIGS & FIBS freight forwarder. The Management strongly recommends that all exhibitors take advantage of using Nippon Express, who can offer comprehensive ranges of services to avoid any possible customs clearance and delivery trouble:
(1) Nippon Express handle the freight to and from your country including the Customs Clearance with a gurantee of the freight being delivered to your booth.
(2)In case exhibitor uses their own local forwarder, the hired must take full responsibility in handling the delivery and return of shipment inclusive of the customs clearance.

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. Fukuoka Air Service Branch
Tel: +81-92-477-0252 Fax: +81-92-477-7832 Contact Person: Mr. Hiroki Koga
(4) Products that appear to be cosmetics fall under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and may be subject to import restrictions by the Law in Japan. Therefore, if exhibitors intend to display the cosmetics at FIGS and/or FIBS, they shall contact our official freight forwarder, Nippon Express, or their local forwarders for more details.
(5) Merchandise whose importation is prohibited shall not be exhibited. The applicant must check in advance in this respect concerning the merchandise. In addition, no explosives or merchandise or decorative material considered to be hazardous shall be accepted for exhibition. Moreover, any merchandise judged by the organizer to be inappropriate for exhibition shall be refused for display. In order to avoid any possible trouble , it is requested that a full and accurate description of the merchandise be given in the section provided in Exhibit Space Application/Contract
(6) The applicant, as a matter of course, is required to honor, in addition to the rules and regulations of the Show, the laws and regulations of Japan and the ordinance of the Fukuoka City Government.
(7) The applicant, after completing the application procedure. cannot, in principle, cancel his/her application. If participation is cancelled less than 60 days before the opening of the show, the fees already paid shall not be refundable. Also, if payment for the balance of the fee or of the fees due for optional facilities, etc., has not been effected on or before the stipulated date, cancellation by the organizer of the allotted exhibition space or of exhibit contract itself cannot be objected to nor there shall be any refund of fees already received by the organizer.
(8) The organizer shall provide bonafide supervision to the best of his ability to ensure safety of the show space and exhibited merchandise. However, he shall not be responsible for any acts of nature, fire or damages resulting from force majeure. Also, for any loss occurring from theft, disappearance, fire, or from other accidents during the Show, the applicant shall be responsible and the organizer shall not in any event be required to make reparation for loss.
(9) The organizer may postpone or cancel the exhibition by reason of force majeure such as natural calamity, etc. The organizer may in its sole discretion refund to the exhibitor its proportionate portion of the balance of the total exhibit fees received which remain after deduction of the expenses incurred by the organizer. Damage incurred by exhibitors as a result of such a change shall not however be compensated for.
(10) Organizer makes no representations or guarantees regarding expected benefits to be received by Exhibitor from participating in the exhibition or the fitness of the exhibition for Exhibitor's needs or otherwise.
(11) The applicant shall keep his exhibit booth clean and in good order by cleaning it every day after the Show. Any trash, paper wastes, etc., shall be disposed of at the respective designated area.
(12) The applicant shall provide an attendant who shal1 be able to serve visitors and remain constantly in the booth throughout the Show. Any exhibited merchandise or decorative items intended for the booth, which are left out without the organizer being informed to that effect, may be removed and disposed of by the latter, in which event, no claim shall be accepted by the organizer.
(13) Photographing of displayed merchandise, or any act of copying, surveying, or reproducing shall not be permitted by the organizer
(14) For any matter relevant to the Show, the organizer shall be authorized to have complete jurisdiction.
(15) In addition to the above, the applicant is obliged to follow the instructions of the organizer when the latter, based on his judgment for control and management of the Show, considers such instructions to be necessary.
(16) The applicant shall keep his area for exhibition and other activities within his booth space, and shall not occupy the corridor.
(17) Application period is subject to early closing if and when applications have been received for the entire number to scheduled booths.
(18) The Organizer shall have the right to call for exhibitors to remove exhibits which are allegedly violating intellectual property rights.
(19) All exhibits must be open for business during show hours, and neither dismantling nor packing may be started before the official close of the show.