West Hall 1

Presenting fashionable food that ladies cannot miss as a gift or a treat for themselves.

Entrance of East Hall 3

Do not miss unique and stylish stationery for daily use and gifts!

East Hall 4

Animal Antenna
Collecting eye-catching animal - themed products for your shop!

East Hall 4 @ Ethical Style Fair

Organic Selection
Organic products selected by Chiaki Yoshikawa, a beauty and organic specialist.

East Hall 7

Active Design & Craft Fair
Active Creators
Meet up-and-coming creators/designers and discover new innovative products!

East Hall 7

Traditional & Modern Japanese Brand Fair
Made in Japan arranging traditional technique and culture to modern style.

Gourmet & DiningStyle Show: East Hall 3

Sake represents a big part of Japanese culture. Taste more than 20 kinds of sake and learn about sake’s features and stories!

Premium Incentive Show: West Hall 3-4

Special Project Exhibition
We feature VR as a keyword this time and propose VR-related promotions and tips for your business!