A new possibility opens up, making the licensing areas
in the Gift Show more attractive than ever before !


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Sparked by the concurrent holding of Licensing Expo Japan (LEJ) at the last 88th Tokyo International Gift Show taken place in September 2019, the licensing zones at the Gift Show where licensors and licensing agents exhibit, were filled with a lively discussion and achieved a great success more than ever before.
Before then, a number of companies exhibited, aiming at licensing out their properties, wholesaling distribution channels, in-store merchandising and campaign/event proposals. Since the advent of the collaborative launch of the LEJ in the Show, more exhibitors and visitors have been engaged in licensing in/out of the IP right ever before.
At the next Gift Show, we, emphasizing on expanding the business opportunities as well as workshops involved in the seminars held on site, make more endeavors towards the further development of the licensing industry in Japan. Be sure not to miss the Gift Show. It’s right now or never!

Anime Industry Market has broken through JPY 2 trillion in Japan.


A platform with quality matchmaking that only the Gift Show can boast.

Proposal on the in-store merchandising, making use of your property (copy right)
With retail and specialty shops in all sorts of genres attending, the in-store merchandising in a way that directly reflects the worldview of property can be proposed.
Provision of the sales promotion and event by using your property.
General merchandise stores (GMS), convenience store, mass retailer and chain operator like fast food restaurants, can be offered the proposal that includes a massive and long-term campaign, while specialty shop and zakka shop(general shop) can be provided with the event aiming to attract more customers in a timely manner. In addition, the sales promotion for targeted major companies can also be devised either across-the-nation or locally according to the type of distribution.
Business engagement in merchandising rights, encompassing an extensive genres
Gift Show is an optimum platform where the licensees who own an extensive genre of products exhibit, whilst many manufactures from a wide range of industries attend, enabling you to engage with them in licensing-out your property, logo and brand.
Licensee’s support
The worldview of character can be performed by the licensors at the Show. Thus, you can cultivate sales channels together with the manufactures already licensed-in your property and that consequently leads to the activation of the distribution for the licensed goods.
In addition, other effects can be explored as follows:
  • ●PR aiming to stimulate the demand for character, brand and logo that marks their anniversary.
  • ●Announcement on newly-launched TV program, movie showing now, character and logo.
  • ●Marketing research to raise the market recognition of your property.
  • ●Prevention and expulsion of imitation / illegal use can be expected.
  • ●Media development and tie-up advertising 
  • ●Engagement in overseas business expansion


Powerful PR can be implemented with print media, e-publication, and app.


"PREMIUM BUYER’S GUIDE" is a comprehensive show directory for the Tokyo international gift show. As the directory is available in print and online, it can be a powerful tool to promote your brands and properties to an infinite amount of the people targeted.

Co-op promotion with “License Global”


License Global has a readership of 150,000 business professionals in all major markets. With such a global readership, you can make the best use of a various media, such as the special issue of Licensing Expo Japan, magazine (digital-edition) and the social media. Special advertising rates can be offered for more effective PR.


Lecturers engaged in front-line of the licensing business industry appear on the podium and offer a various discussions and programs. The number of seminar slots has been increased to 6, which is a lot more than the last time. Over 1,000 people concerned with the industry are anticipate to attend.

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A total of 3,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors 
(Including the concurrent shows)

Floor Plan of the South Exhibition Halls
in Tokyo Big Sight



Standard Booth
(6 square meters)


One Booth :
3m(W) × 2m(D) × 2.7m(H)

Booth Fee

JPY 407,000 (tax inclusive)

Fee includes

●3(three)-side Wall
●Front Fascia with Company Signboard
●2(two) folding pipe-chairs
●Needle-punch Carpet (available in 23 colors)


N.B.: A corner booth is 2 sides open to the aisle. Any additional wall at the corner must be made at the exhibitor's expense and subject to approval. Booth dimension may vary slightly due to the booth system adapted by contractor.


Deadline for the Optional Equipment
Friday, December 20, 2019
Move-in Day for Exhibits
Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Show Dates
February 5 Wed 6 Thu 7 Fri, 2020


For the detailed information, please feel free to contact us: