Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS)
Shifts Into High Gear In Character Goods And Merchandising Rights!


The Anime, Comic & Character License Fair is a comprehensive exhibit area, one of the components which make the Tokyo International Gift Show, and that’s where licensers not only deal with companies (manufactures) for merchandising rights in the content business but also jointly participate with their licensees in search for promising distributors of their licensed products, while offering proper merchandising schemes on salesfloor to help create their characters’ images inside stores.
As indicated in the pie graph underneath, the recent market survey indicates that licensed products accounts for 23% (JPY500.3 billion) in the total sales of the anime industry market. However, it is not a leap to think that the licensed products in the secondary market cannot easily access to end-users as shown in the graph. In another words, it is more likely that the products could be circulated to the end-users effectively by being showcased online or in brick-and-mortar stores via distributive market.
At the Gift Show where an extensive range of the distributive trades attend, you can be provided the opportunities for offering the merchandising schemes on the salesfloor to the distributive industry, event/campaign and anniversary notification/announcement that lead to more recognition of your company, not to mention a conventional business dealing onsite. Besides licensing out your brands, new possibilities for creating successful corroborations or opening pop-up stores are born from the Gift Show. We look forward warmly to welcoming you at the Show.

Japan’s Anime Industry alone is worth US$18 billion


Location with Japan’s Largest Merchandising Fair
The events are held alongside the Tokyo International Gift Fair, Japan’s largest biannual exhibition for merchandising, gifts and retail products, with over 3,000 exhibiting companies and more than 300,000 buyers at each edition.
It is the leading purchasing platform for the industry and the most effective way to meet key buyers from Japan and around the region.
Extensive Range of Licensing Categories
The Anime, Comic & Character License Fair has created the most comprehensive licensing event in the region, encompassing fashion brands, animation brands, film & TV brands, sports brands, toy brands, videogame brands and esports brands.
Meet Retailers, Manufacturers, Developers
The Tokyo International Gift Show attracts buyers and decision makers from the entire spectrum of retailers, manufacturers and product & service developers. They are on the lookout for innovative and unique products and marketing ideas and are particularly interested in discovering new brands and properties from abroad.
Organiser Support – We’re Here to Help You!
We want you to obtain the maximum benefit from your participation. We can help you achieve your goals by providing you with advice on the best participation package, how to enhance your profile through seminars and presentations, and introducing you to key people in the industry. Contact us – we look forward to talking with you!

Stand Out!

Premium Buyers Guide


The Premium Buyers Guide is the comprehensive show directory for the Tokyo International Gift Show. Available in print and online editions, it serves as a powerful tool to promote your brands and properties to the widest range of targeted audience.

Promotion on Social Platform

The official social media for both Tokyo International Gift Show can help to promote your property.

Licensing Seminar

The Licensine Seminar held alongside the exhibition features experts from the international licensing industry who will share their business knowledge and insights on trends and opportunities in the licensing sector. We plan to organize up to 6 seminars with 1,000+ attendees expected this time around.

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A total of 3,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors 
(Including the concurrent shows)


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